Design is a Vision

A design vision exists to provide top-level inspiration and guidance for the design team and serves several purposes, including:  To unify the approach, codify the purpose and reinforce the value of design

Video and Animation

Fancymedya helps your business grow with engaging video and digital media . We can help you better connect with your prospective customers by telling your story with video graphic design and digital content.

Graphic Design

A design concept is the mechanism through which an audience understands a communication. … This plan is a kind of glue that we call a graphic design concept.  Ideas are seeds that get planted into a project.

Ui/Ux and web design

Web UI/UX design refers to the visual elements including layout, visual design, text, brand, sound, and interaction that together make up an amazing user interface (UI design). and outstanding User Experience .


2D motion graphic video

2D Motion videos are photos taken in a two dimensional space, usually drawings, logos, schematics or other objects that do not need three dimensions on screen, collated together in sequence to show motion

Dynamic Video

Get rid of the old style boring videos and convert your online media to dynamic full of colors motion and effects


Give your Audience the quality videos that they deserve by our high quality equipment and Artists

and get the final touches by amazing video editing professionals

Logo Aimation

Its good to have a good logo ..but that’s not enough

logo animation will convert your online presence from still photos to interesting animated logo

Logo Design

Your logo is the face of your company and will be the number one thing your customers, competitors and pretty much everyone else on the planet associates with your business from now to forever. So, no pressure…. but it better be good

Full Identity Design

Brand identity includes logos, typography, colors, packaging, and messaging, and it complements and reinforces the existing reputation of a brand ..
give your business what deserves and deal with us .

Social Media design

People are wired to respond to visuals better and studies have shown that more people interact with infographics and images than they do regular posts